Monday, May 16, 2016

Free Generators & How I Use Them in My Social Work Classroom

One resource I utilize often with my social work lessons is the amazing free generator.  There are various websites that allow you to create custom bingo cards, word searches, Jeopardy games, Kahoot!, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, etc.  I use free generators for a variety of different types of lessons across a wide range of grade levels.  It is a great way to appeal to and catch the attention of the kids, and practice skills without them even realizing they are doing anything other than a game!  When you use a generator, depending on the website, you can decide the color scheme, font, size, words/answers/questions, etc.  Simply type the information for the lesson or topic you are trying to create into their template, and generate!  You can also project some of these games and activities onto SMARTboards and play via touch screen (points for using technology!).  Be sure to copy the code they give you, as it will not save once you exit out of that tab.  If you would like to download or purchase some of these materials that I have already created, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store, which you can reach by clicking the link posted on the left and on the right side of my home page.

Check out some of the free generators I use here:

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