Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest' Things!

As social workers, it can be very easy to get wrapped up in all of the negative, and sometimes we can feel defeated or discouraged.  But it is because of this that I try to focus on the positive (isn't this what we were trained to do anyway? lol), no matter how difficult it might be at times.  As a second year social worker, I have learned to make an effort to take a step back, and always look at the bigger picture.  What do I think?  If I wasn't receiving some of the other feedback I did from other staff, would I still have the same opinion?  It can be tough not to get wrapped up into assumptions at times, or jump to conclusions, and I believe this to be a very powerful and important skill to remember day-to-day.

But back to the positive.  I will touch on the previous topic later, but it is just one example of why it is important to remember the positive!  So, in the comments below, tell me any stories of the funniest thing you have heard a student say!  Here is mine:

At the time I was running a social work group in the Life Skills classroom which consisted of 1st-4th, and one student (we will call him Joe) communicated mostly with a communication device, but didn't like to participate during group.  On this particular day, we were discussing the characters from a popular Social Thinking book, and I was having the students remind me what their names were.  That day they were all a little extra quiet.  So we are discussing the characters, and I had asked if anyone could tell me the name of one of the boys in the book.  Joe raised his hand, and I was so excited, thinking "Great! He is going to participate!"  So I call on Joe, and his answer, loudly I might add, was "JOHN CENA!!"  He then proceeded to sing the entire entry song that plays on WWE when John Cena takes the stage!!  Now, thanks to the man in my life, I know all about WWE, about the wrestlers, and I know their entry music (sadly?).  Because of this Joe and I were cracking up, although the rest of the group unfortunately had no idea what had happened haha.  Needless to say, I was able to connect with this student because of this, and it was one of the greatest moments I have had as a social worker.  I will never forget this!!  And I hope it gave you a little laugh!

The Creative Social Worker

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